The Project Donation Jars

Hello there!

Sometimes, I'm unable to work on projects purely because I'm unable to get funding to get the project off the ground. I'd ideally like to fund the projects myself, but I'm currently a full-time university student. This is why I'm asking for donations.

Thank you for considering.


What do I get if I donate?

I'm not able to give much back to donators, although projects that have been funded mainly from donations, everything will be open-sourced (there will be times this will happen anyway), from PCB designs to code to mechanical schematics (for things I've designed and machined myself). The tools used to design may be proprietary, however, I'll attempt to use tools easily accessable, or reproduce designs in open-source tools. I'll also be making a list of donaters, however, if you wish, you can let me know that you don't want to be mentioned in the list or be put under an alias.

Can I say which project my donation goes to?

Of course! If you want to donate to a certain project, you can email me or send a note with your donation telling me what project to put the donation towards. Then I'll update the project jar to reflect your donation.

May I donate, using a method other than Paypal?

Sorry, at this stage, I don't have any other methods to be able to accept donations.