New project, new equipment and other things

Life is currently a little busy with multiple projects going on through various stages of planning (some still in the concept stage) as well as various assignments and tasks being required being done at my university. The workload isn't due to ease up any time soon as I plan to finish off my course by the end of the year.

I've ordered all of the parts required to build up the Bus Pirate free PCB I got from Dangerous Prototypes, and waiting for all of the components to be delivered before I'll spend a few hours soldering that up. Although I should mention that a couple of the parts have gotten lost in the mail. However a phone call later to the supplier (element14) and they're sending me new components at no additional cost. I plan on doing a time lapse of the build, but will have to see as it will be my first time soldering SMD. Additionally as I ordered the parts, I also ordered a Raspberry Pi Model B for future projects as well to potentially be used as a web server for this website.

Recently I posted about the latest project I'm working on to assist with my UAV projects. There is a possibility that I will be assembling these boards for sale, selling them each for USD$50 plus shipping (Approximately USD$75 with international shipping, shipping could be less depending on your location). I initially will be assembling boards by hand and then switching to soldering with a reflow oven when I can afford to purchase a cheap Chinese reflow oven. If you're interested in this project, please feel free to email me using the gmail address provided in the contact page. Also, regardless of whether I sell the boards or not in the end, donations of $75 or more will get a fully assembled and tested board when the project has finished the hardware testing of stage 2.

I should also explain partly why I'm doing this latest project, it's not just to make a new transmitter board, it's to allow me to practice designing a board for an STM32 microcontroller. This will enable me to design a fully integrated board for my UAV projects much easier and faster in the long run. The resulting board will provide an easier interface between my UAVs, RC transmitter and computer and provide a much greater amount of data than logging on the UAV could provide alone.