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Hello there!

Sometimes, I'm unable to work on projects purely because I'm unable to get funding to get the project off the ground. I'd ideally like to fund the projects myself, but I'm currently a full-time university student. This is why I'm asking for donations.

Thank you for considering.


I built a Bus Pirate! Now that’s out of the way, I’ll talk about how I built it and some things I learnt along the way. First thing to help you solder up a bus pirate or any surface mount PCB is to find a guide or someone to show you how, I’d recommend taking a look at Dave Jones’ SMD soldering video: EEVBlog #186

Additionally to this, a good thing to have is some good equipment.

I've been busy with university work and also getting a job (hooray!) so I haven't been doing much for projects or content for this site. The good news is, I'm on a break from the job as it only runs during uni semesters and I've finished my exams.

Life is currently a little busy with multiple projects going on through various stages of planning (some still in the concept stage) as well as various assignments and tasks being required being done at my university. The workload isn't due to ease up any time soon as I plan to finish off my course by the end of the year.

Summary of Project Idea

After discovering the Turnigy 9X and the development of 3rd party firmware, I got the idea to start creating a new controller board for the Turnigy 9X to enable the controller to directly connect with a computer for logging and control purposes. It is also the intention of this project to allow a second radio transceiver to be installed inside the transmitter to allow a serial/telemetry link with a controller inside the aircraft for my other projects.