Problems, Solutions and More

I've been doing research into my projects and have come across some problems I'm now facing regarding my UAV projects (MEHA and SEPA) however I've covered the main parts in my recent post for SEPA. It's going to further delay doing flight tests, but does not mean that the project can't progress as there is still work to be done.

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Working with the plane

As I mentioned in the blog post (Progress Update - 2011-10-17), I'm going to be modifying the plane slightly to make more room in the plane for the control electronics. Although when doing flight testing, I may just end up strapping a box to the undercarriage of the aircraft until I can design a custom control board small enough to fit inside the plane. Either way, the modifications are going to be going ahead once I'm certain I won't cause the plane to have structural issues. This is because I plan to remove sections of foam to make more room for the electronics but I will be also reinforcing the sections that have had foam cut with fibreglass and epoxy.

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I'm still here

Well, as you may have noticed, there hasn't really been any update as of late, or pictures for the projects I've done, or any new content what so ever. There are multiple reasons for this, but the primary one that has been happening as of late is due to me having little free time as one of the biggest changes of my life finally occurred. I moved out of home; slowly moving stuff over to my new place and have been organising everything. Currently most of the equipment I need is in boxes in the cupboard here, but that's not a big problem as it's easy to get to when I start working on the projects again.

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Progress Update

There hasn’t been an update on my site for a while but the projects haven’t been abandoned. All of the projects I’ve been a part of, have been delayed significantly due to my ongoing struggle with depression and coping with it, but I won’t go into that in this post. So you may be asking on “what has he been working on?” at this point, and the primary thing I’ve been working on is changing my circumstances for the better to make my depression more manageable, although this doesn’t mean the projects haven’t had any progress.

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It's started!

As of yesterday, Project MEHA was funded to Stage 1, and the order was made. Project SEPA was ordered the week before and, like the order for MEHA, is waiting for components on backorder to arrive at the warehouse. I spent several hours to enable me to save as much as I could to enable me to have a little headstart for MEHA Stage 3 which will require more planning as I'll be merging Stage 4 into Stage 3 and designing a control board with as much as the circuitry on it as possible to enable a lighter control board. I'd like to thank everyone who donated to the project jars, it means a lot to me, and I hope that you'll enjoy the content that I bring to this site and other sites that I visit. I'd also like to say a bit about my experiences so far with HobbyKing and some tricks and tips that I've learnt while trying to save as much as I could.

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