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As I mentioned in the blog post (Progress Update - 2011-10-17), I'm going to be modifying the plane slightly to make more room in the plane for the control electronics. Although when doing flight testing, I may just end up strapping a box to the undercarriage of the aircraft until I can design a custom control board small enough to fit inside the plane. Either way, the modifications are going to be going ahead once I'm certain I won't cause the plane to have structural issues. This is because I plan to remove sections of foam to make more room for the electronics but I will be also reinforcing the sections that have had foam cut with fibreglass and epoxy.

This is the current status of the project jars, this will include when I add funds myself when I can:

Global Jar:

$331 / $1000 ($324 Spent)
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Summary of Project Idea

I've been thinking about designing autopilots for some time now. To get the project off the ground, I'm planning on starting with a little and hopefully easy to control helicopter, initially understanding the concepts for the helicopter to fly, and then later on automating those functions so the helicopter just hovers. From there, complete the control system to allow the helicopter to fly around controlled via an RC kit (reusing the kit used from understanding the concepts for the helicopter to fly) or a joystick connected to a computer, then adding in positioning functions (GPS and air speed sensors) to allow for a basic autopilot which can be built on.

Summary of Project Idea

This is a continuation of the MEHA (Micro Electric Helicopter with Autopilot) autopilot that enables the autopilot to be tested on a different type of aircraft. This project later will lead onto a bigger plane being developed for the UAV Outback Challenge which has more complex design and task to complete.