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Luckily I haven’t repeated burning the IC again and have a working prototype since the last post! That’s the good news, but there is also some sort of bad news which I’ll go into later.

The origin of the project

The original idea for this project was to have a cheap driver for my girlfriend’s companion cube lights, and then of course, my mind started thinking of some of the possibilities, what if it could run from a single AAA battery and power it all (the micro and neopixels), make it customisable so it can be programmed via USB, and the list went on. I floated some of the ideas with my girlfriend and we realised that we might be able to sell the boards. We could also use it for some of our costumes and a costume tail she’s being trying to sell. On one of my long commutes to work, I finally started into some of the ideas and thus this project actually started. One of the main elements of this project was also something of an unknown for me; this would be my first board where I had to handle the power supply and not just by using LDOs (low drop out regulators) as that wouldn’t work in this case.

Things of late have been a bit busier than I anticipated, however this isn’t a bad thing, just unexpected to a degree. The matter I mentioned with Centrelink is partially resolved; trying to get in contact with them to ask them to explain anything was ultimately useless, I effectivally gave up and decided I’d pay the back the whole amount regardless of whether it was actually fair or not. A payment plan has been set up with them (naturally Centrelink was very quick/helpful to do that), but not able to give them too much at least at this stage.

I’ve been meaning to do a blog post for some time now, for months actually but laziness and depression had gotten the better of me. Since the last post back in January things got worse, and then in the last couple of weeks, got immensely better! Thanks to a lecturer I knew at the university, I managed to get an additional assignment to allow me to complete the last subject I failed the previous semester. The good news is that once I complete the 12 weeks of work experience, I can then graduate. The sad news is, I didn’t find any work in the first half of the year, so I can’t graduate this year. But this is not a huge issue for me as I started working at a company last week as a trainee embedded software engineer, pretty much my dream (well, I’d like to be an embedded software engineer, but I digress) job. My main goal about 2-3 years ago was to just finish my course and get employment. This means I’ve effectively completed that goal, although I probably would have thought I’d be able to graduate at that time.

Well it's been quite some time since I last updated my website, and quite a few things have happened since then. Firstly, I've finished the semester for the year, it was due to be my last semester providing I passed all 4 subjects, however this was not the case. But the situation isn’t too bad, providing I can manage to complete 12 weeks work experience before a certain date, I can apply for an additional exam for the subject to allow me to finish up the course this year. The thing for the moment is just finding out a position, but the free time has enabled me to work on projects and generally start working on parts I’ve wanted to get working for some time.