Working with the plane

As I mentioned in the blog post (Progress Update - 2011-10-17), I'm going to be modifying the plane slightly to make more room in the plane for the control electronics. Although when doing flight testing, I may just end up strapping a box to the undercarriage of the aircraft until I can design a custom control board small enough to fit inside the plane. Either way, the modifications are going to be going ahead once I'm certain I won't cause the plane to have structural issues. This is because I plan to remove sections of foam to make more room for the electronics but I will be also reinforcing the sections that have had foam cut with fibreglass and epoxy.

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Small Electric Plane with Autopilot

Summary of Project Idea

This is a continuation of the MEHA (Micro Electric Helicopter with Autopilot) autopilot that enables the autopilot to be tested on a different type of aircraft. This project later will lead onto a bigger plane being developed for the UAV Outback Challenge which has more complex design and task to complete.

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